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Golfing in the Ruhr Area

Golf is about the ball behaving itself.” – Golf etiquette

If you enjoy golf or just want to give it a try, you will find several beautiful golf courses in the Ruhr area.

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Vestischer Golfclub Recklinghausen

The Vestische Golfclub Recklinghausen is not far from the Parkhotel Engelsburg. The 18-hole golf course makes every golfer’s heart beat faster and fulfils all your golfing wishes. Whether beginner, recreational golfer or tournament player, the doors are open to everyone.

Golfclub Castle Westerholt

The golf course in Westerholt is only a few minutes away by car.

The 18-hole golf course, embedded in a beautiful landscape of old trees, biotopes and ponds, stretches around Westerholt Castle.