Sustainability is an investment in our future
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Our environment, our commitment

Our path to a sustainable hotel

Environmentally friendly to success: Environmental protection and corporate success are not mutually exclusive, which is why we are part of the “ÖKOPROFIT® Vest Recklinghausen” project. We and eighteen other companies from the Recklinghausen region have shown how the environment can be relieved and operating costs reduced at the same time. Profit for all. Because for us, too, ecological thinking is no longer a niche, but an important economic factor. After all, sustainability is an investment in our future, that of our guests and children.

Plant a Tree

To actively combat climate change, we plant trees with just one “click”, in countries such as Thailand, Ghana or in the Philippines. We create habitat for endangered species and jobs.

“We all have just one planet, and it’s worth taking care of.”

Click a Tree

Environmental programme

“It was a lot of fun for us eco-angels to go through the entire Engelsburg together. Through ÖKOPROFIT we got a different perspective on environmental friendliness and sustainability of our business. We have learnt a lot and continue to learn!”

Environmental chronicle – measures

  • 1995: Keycard system: “Power off” with removal of the room card in all rooms
  • 1995: Own well for watering the gardens
  • Seit 2014: 100 % green electricity in the main building

E-mobility in the hotel

In order to make the journey to the Parkhotel Engelsburg climate-neutral and as environmentally friendly as possible, we offer the possibility to charge your electric vehicles at the charging station at the hotel! Here, up to two electric cars can be charged at the same time.

Another step towards sustainable travel!

gedeckter tisch empfang parkhotel engelbsurg location hochzeit und feiern im hotel mit burg

Constantly a little better: our environmental programme

Since 2017, further measures of the environmental programme have been implemented in cooperation with Ökoprofit:

  • Conversion to LED in the kitchen, fireplace room and lobby
  • Conversion to LED in public toilets and seminar areas. In addition, presence detectors in the toilets and cold stores
  • Installation of economy aerators in the hotel rooms and public toilets
  • Use of economy showers
  • Participation in Earth Hour at the Vesttafel restaurant: one hour lights out. Annual campaign
  • Ideas competition among staff to raise awareness for resource conservation
  • “Step-by-step replacement of minibars, purchase of energy-efficient models

Sustainability is a matter for the boss

Host and Managing Director

Susanna Goesmann

Host and Managing Director

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