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300 years old - but sprightly

Traditional history of Engelsburg Recklinghausen

Step through our stately archway and enter the long, traditional history of Engelsburg Castle. The baroque residential building was erected in 1701 by the Electoral-Cologne governor and judge Clamor Constantin Münch and borders on the only remaining part of the medieval city wall. The vernacular probably unceremoniously named the fortress-like building “Engelsburg” after its site “Im Rom” many years ago, after the Roman original. The naming was the reason for the construction of the romantic Angel Fountain in the inner courtyard, which is still preserved today.

History in pictures

Historical picture of the Engelsburg in Recklinghausen Monument protection on 24 November 1982
Monument protection on 24 November 1982
Historical picture of the Engelsburg in Recklinghausen 1995
Reconstruction of the Engelsburg in 1995
Tennis in the garden of Engelsburg in 1911
Historic hotel former Engelsburg Recklinghausen facility monument protection Parkhotel Engelsburg
Fireplace and tables and chairs in the restaurant of the Parkhotel engelsburg antique furnishings listed building and historic hotel
Historical picture of the Engelsburg in Recklinghausen entrance
Historical picture of the Engelsburg in Recklinghausen restaurant with fireplace

At the beginning of the 19th century, under Ludwig-Engelbert von Arenberg, the building was temporarily the ducal administrative seat, and for many years it served as the seat of the court chamberlains. In the 1920s, French troops were quartered in the Engelsburg during the occupation of the Ruhr. In July 1939, the Vestische Archiv moved into the Stephansturm and parts of the west wing. With the end of the Second World War, the English army confiscated the buildings for several years.

Fassade Engelsburg Hotel mit Geschichte Recklinghausen NRW

In 1973, the property was used as a hotel for the first time. A few years later, on 24 November 1982, Engelsburg was declared a listed building. After extensive renovation work, the Best Western Premier Parkhotel Engelsburg was opened in 1995. Since then, with its 65 different rooms and the three-storey suite in the St. Stephen’s Tower, it has offered accommodation of a very special kind.

Außenansicht mit außengastronomie bereich im grünen parkhotel engelsburg recklinghausen romantisches hotel

The Kaminzimmer, the former garden room, with its baroque stucco ceiling and stone fireplace, is also worthy of mention. Today, wedding ceremonies are regularly held here, birthdays are celebrated and conferences and seminars are planned. Elegance, style and the ambience of the centuries can be found everywhere in the Parkhotel Engelsburg, mixed with modern comfort and excellent service – true to our motto: “Living Tradition”.

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